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-PANNA database

-Sustainable Ag Blog

-Fiber Footprint Calculator

SCP Marketing Resources & Publications

-SCP Media Kit

-Sustainable Cotton Production and Processing- Water Issues

-Examiner article: California Cleaner Cotton

-SCP Toolkit- explaining why Cleaner Cotton (TM) is a good tool to convert farmers to biological practices

SJSFP Newsletters

-SJSFP Newsletter - Summer 2018, Issue #15

-SJSFP Newsletter - Winter 2017, Issue #14

-SJSFP Newsletter - Summer 2017, Issue #13

-SJSFP Newsletter- Winter 2016, Issue #12

-SJSFP Newsletter- Winter 2014- Issue #10

-SJSFP Newsletter- Summer 2014- Issue #9

-SJSFP Newsletter- Winter 2013- Issue #8

-SJSFP Newsletter- Summer 2013- Issue #7

-SJSFP Newsletter #6- Winter 2012

-SJSFP Newsletter #5- Summer 2012

-SJSFP Newsletter Issue 4

-SJSFP Newsletters Issue 3

-SJSFP Newsletters Issue 2

-SJSFP Newsletters Issue 1

Media & Press Releases

-Refreshing Clothes and the Climate: An Interview with Lynda Grose

-SCP Marketing Director, Lynda Grose, named one of 10 Fashion Revolutionaries!

-Triple Pundit: The North Face Introduces Locally Grown Hoodie

-The North Face blog: Celebrating Heritage Behind Backyard Hoodie

-SCP The North Face Backyard Hoodie Press Release

-Western Farm Press- Far West High Cotton winner committed to finding better ways

-CUESA- 2012 SCP Cotton Farm Tour slideshow and comments

-CUESA- From Farm to Garment: Growing a Sustainable Fibershed

-The Heart: Organic Cotton Q&A with Lynda Grose- Alabama Studio Style

-Sustainable Design Tuesday: Fashion & Sustainability: Design for Change- Alabama Studio Style

-Western Farm Press- Go on high alert for lygus pressure

-Press release for 4/19/12 Almond field day

-Press release for 2/28/12 Kick Off Field Day

-Press release for 11/28/11 Almond field day

-Q&A with Lynda Grose- Pioneer in Sustainable Design- Source4Style

-Scab, rust increasing with almond orchard humidity- Western Farm Press

-Press release for 5/20/11 Almond field day

-2011 Cotton Tour Press Release

-Press release for 5/11/11 Almond field day

-Press release for 6/30/11 Cotton field day

-California Cleaner Cotton™ article



SCP & SJSFP Field Program Resources & Publications

-Project Apis m. Best Management Practices for Almond Growers

-Pesticide Regulatory Update - Yvette Pellman Presentation at Alfalfa Field Day 2017-06-20

-Grower Resource Guide- VOC Emissions

-Grower Resource Guide- Proper Spray Technique

-Grower Resource Guide- Pesticide Use

-Grower Resource Guide- Pesticide Resistance Management

-Grower Resource Guide- Pesticide Information

-Grower Resource Guide- Crop Research- Cotton

-Grower Resource Guide- Crop Research- Almonds

-Grower Resource Guide- Crop Research- Alfalfa

-Grower Resource Guide- Agricultural Water Conservation

-Pesticide Choice Worksheet- Cotton

-Pesticide Choice Worksheet- Almonds

-Pesticide Choice Worksheet- Alfalfa

-Farmer Profile- Joe Del Bosque

-Using Degree Days to Time Pest Control Action, PTB & NOW examples- Walt Bentley (see Walt's speech notes under each slide)

-Using Degree Days in IPM- Dr. Pete Goodell (with audio)

-UC IPM- Understanding and managing Lygus in cotton using community based maps of crop assemblages

-Using Plant Based Measurements to Support Lygus Management Decisions (Fruit Retention)

-Water Quality Presentation- 2/9/12

-Generalized Food Web in Cotton

-Lygus and Insects that Appear Similar

-Generalized Food Web in Alfalfa

-Common Whiteflies in San Joaquin Valley Cotton

-Common Spring-Time Hosts for Lygus

-Common Natural Enemies of Key Pests in Cotton

-Common Natural Enemies of Key Pests in Alfalfa

-Common Natural Enemies of Key Pests in Almonds

-Chemicals to Avoid in Alfalfa- 2012

-Chemicals to Avoid in Almonds- 2012

-Chemicals to Avoid in Cotton- 2012

-Aphids Common to Alfalfa & Cotton in CA

-Cotton UC IPM Year-Round Program

-Almond UC IPM Year-Round Program

-Alfalfa UC IPM Year Round Program

-SJSFP Fact Sheet

-Pesticide Fact Sheet

-SCP Fact Sheet

-BMP Brochure

-BASIC Cotton Manual