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Integrating Cleaner Cotton™

Integrating Cleaner Cotton™ into Product Lines
Cotton fiber follows a complex route from the farm to retail shelves and most brands are unaware of the origin of the cotton fiber in their products.

It takes about one year from the time cotton fiber is harvested in the fall until the final cotton product arrives in the retail store. To guarantee a supply of Cleaner Cotton™ for production, a retailer must communicate with its supplier well in advance to make their fiber needs clear so the message can reach the growers in time for planting in the spring.

Here are some tips for bringing Cleaner Cotton™ into your company’s products:

• Educate Management: Present Cleaner Cotton™ and its benefits to managers and company owners to generate support at all levels of the organization. SCP offers toolkits, images and presentation materials to help promote the Cleaner Cotton™ story.

• Educate Peers: When employees understand the economic and environmental importance of California-grown Cleaner Cotton™, they work to support the extra time it takes to develop new Cleaner Cotton™ products. Even more critical, an informed retail sales team is able to communicate the background story to the consumer regarding Cleaner Cotton™ products. SCP provides annual farm tours so employees across the company can meet farmers and learn first-hand about the environmental issues associated with cotton and the challenges in converting acres.??

• Prepare in Advance: Work with design, production and sales/merchandising personnel a year ahead of the target retail launch to project the number of units that will be produced with Cleaner Cotton™. SCP can help translate product units and fabric weights into pounds of cotton fiber needed and can facilitate dialogues and meetings with supply chain partners.

• Specify Cleaner Cotton™ on spec sheets and purchase orders. These official documents from your company are needed to prompt your manufacturers, weavers and spinners to ask for and order Cleaner Cotton™ fiber.

• Connect into the Cleaner Cotton™ supply chain: Cleaner Cotton™ is now available as baled fiber, as roving, in yarns up to 1/30’s, and in French terry, jersey and 1 x 1 rib fabric constructions. SCP can connect you to our supply chain partners and preferred handlers.

• Integrate Cleaner Cotton™ into your own supply chain: Cleaner Cotton™ fiber can be shipped to an agent/spinner/manufacturer of your choice anywhere in the world. Ask SCP to introduce you to our co-op cotton marketer for more details.

• Promote Your Cleaner Cotton™ Products: SCP provides accurate language and artwork for the Cleaner Cotton™ logo to be used on hangtags and promotional point of sale materials.