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Why Cleaner Cotton™?

Cleaner Cotton™ Advantage
The results of SCP's farming practices are profound

A Cleaner Cotton™ grower:
• Focuses on biologically based practices to manage pests
• Avoids the 13 most toxic chemicals used in cotton production in California.
• Uses 50-73% less chemicals than other cotton farmers in the same region (Fresno, Merced and Madera counties).
• Uses non-genetically modified seed, ensuring diversity of seed for the future.

Cleaner Cotton™:
• Supports family farmers and rural economies in California.
• is high quality Pima and Acala cotton fiber.

Why Cleaner Cotton™ instead of organic?
The cost to grow organic cotton in California is higher than brands are willing to pay. In organic trials that SCP farmers have run, organic cotton fields yielded as much as 30% less fiber than conventional. Cleaner Cotton™, on average, yields more than 1,250 pounds of cotton per acre compared to average yields of 925 pounds in organic production. Lacking a secure market, farmers are unwilling to risk the lower production volumes and corresponding decrease in financial return.  

Because Cleaner Cotton™ maintains yields it represents less economic risk to the grower and is therefore more effective than organic at converting farmers and acres to biological practices.  Overall, this scalability can achieve greater chemical reductions than the niche of organic cotton.  In California, organic cotton represents less than 200 acres, while Cleaner Cotton™ represents close to 2,000 acres.
The higher fiber yield per acre achieved by Cleaner Cotton™ has an additional bonus besides economic viability; it also means less water is required per pound of Cleaner Cotton ™ harvested vs. organic.

Why Cleaner Cotton™ instead of Conventional?
Conventional cotton follows chemically based production practices, and more than 70 percent of conventional cotton in California is grown with genetically modified seeds.  Cleaner Cotton™ is non GM.