Sustainable Cotton Project

SCP is a California-based private non-profit organization focused on building awareness about alternatives to chemical inputs in cotton agriculture.

We currently run farm tours to bring the fashion industry, students, members of the pubic and activists together with farmers and scientists to understand the challenges of California cotton cultivation. Our next tour will be on Saturday, October 28, 2023. Find out more!

We are well known for our work with brands in the nineteen nineties helping to popularize the use of organic cotton in clothing.

We are also known for bringing Cleaner Cotton™ as an additional tool 'beyond organic' to the fashion industry and marketplace.

We use this longtime knowledge and experience working in the field with farmers and with the fashion industry to speak honestly about impacts and to clarify effective actions.

We help to unpack marketing rhetoric and provide facts and language that explain the nuances of this fiber.

Throughout this website you will learn about our past work with farmers and our present activities with farm tours.

We hope the farm program details inspire similar projects and welcome inquiries about our tours.